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Our Conservancy

Lentorre Lodge is built in the Olkiriamatian Conservancy, which borders the Shompole conservacy.

Lentorre suppprts both conservancies and communities, and in turn our guests have access to both conservancy areas- totalling over 80,000 acres of area to explore! The communities are Maasai, and whilst the modern world of course has had its effect, a beautiful part of our area is the fact that almost every single family still has a traditional boma, still graze their livestock and live off the land as the Maasai have done for hundreds and hundreds of years. The pure simplicity, synergy and symbiosis between the Land, the People, the Wildlife and the Livestock is incredible to see- but must be seen and experienced to be appreciated.

Our area does truly prove that Wildlife and People can coexist in an area and make it work- and in some areas that has to be the future of conservation. Join us on safari and come and understand this part of the world, and its role in conservation of not just wild animals, but a wild area.

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