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About Us

Lentorre is at its core a family owned and operated Lodge in the heart of the Kenyan wilderness. It is owned by people who have a love for wildlife and wilderness areas who wanted to protect it, and then share it with the world. One of the key reasons it was built where it is, is the remoteness. We believe in exclusive wildlife and Safari experiences where you have access not only to an exclusive lodge, but to an exclusive area.

Having spent time in our childhood and later years camping in the area, when the chance arose to invest, we jumped at it. Our partnership with the Olkiramatian community is strong, and with the common goal of conservation (both of wildlife and culture), we are able to work together to try and showcase what we feel is a one of a kind area, with wonderful people to boot.

We hope to be able to portray fully what ‘we are about’, when you visit us.