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The Hide

"Eye level encounters at the blind."

The hide offers the most incredible, intimate sightings of birds and animals at ground level.

Feel free to wander down from camp at any time during the day with your binoculars and camera.

Launched in September of 2020 after years of development to get it just right, the Lentorre hide is a sunken air-conditioned space with sound proofing, professional lighting and the best glass that you can use for photography. The hide itself has two beds, and the anteroom has a bunk bed allowing for overnights. Being sunk into the ground at the waterholes edge you are at eye level with the wildlife and they are completely oblivious to your presence, allowing you to enjoy a truly unique wildlife photography and viewing experience of an animal in its element.

The biodiversity in the area is perhaps unmatched in East Africa, allowing for some special sightings including Striped Hyena and Caracal. The Hide activity is best in the dry months of September and October, and February and March, but this varies depending on the level of rains. Get in touch to guarantee your spot in the Hide!

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