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While there are always risks when travelling in wildlife areas, at Lentorre you are in the best hands, our staff and guides know the area extremely well. The lodge is safe to walk around in the day time and an askari will escort you at night. Excellent air evacuation is available if needed.

Please check with you doctor as you will need some vaccinations for travel.

In addition to the obvious (a camera and a sense of adventure!), we supply a comprehensive packing list when you get in touch for your Safari with us.

If travelling by light aircraft you will have a weight limit of around 15kg per person to be packed into soft bags. Please check at the time of booking as charter companies have slightly different allowances.

Yes, you will have access to the internet in the two common areas and the Office space.

Yes we do.

In June of 2022 after 4 years of operation, Lentorre will be going 100% solar. As part of our natural progression we are very proud about this and our contribution to preserving our world.

Since we offer exclusive use to our guests, we welcome children of all ages and cater to kids food, have baby cots and accommodation for Nannies. We are a great place for a Family safari.

We request health and dietaries from all our guests, and likes and dislikes. We then plan a menu based on what we receive and can provide wholesome tasty meals for all the various needs.