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At Lentorre, our team is paramount. As cliché as it may sound - it really boils down to the people. Our crew is not something that is meant to blur into the background, they are part of the experience at Lentorre, we are all your hosts. Stephen and his calm Maasai elder demeanor, Leonard's sense of humor, Ken's incredible ability to keep kids entertained for hours on end, Kush's art work in camp, Kuyos never ceasing smile.... they are all a part of what Lentorre is about.

Keeping Lentorre running is a team of 21 at the lodge, and three in our Nairobi office. Led by our onsite managers Kush and Leonard, this team includes guides, spotters, barmen, chefs, laundry staff, security guards, rangers, grounds men, electricians, mechanics, carpenters, ‘the pool guy’, room stewards, drivers, the reservation team, logistics and of course an accountant! With all these titles and job descriptions, we are adamant that every member of the team be able to fill in somewhere else in the lodge, and we all pitch into every department and lean on each other.

As part of our ongoing commitment to the Olkiramatian community, we first hire and train from the community itself, therefore creating skill sets and empowering the community long term. We are proud to say that over 95% of our team are from the area and we continue to train those not permanently employed, through casual placements.

Our teams only goal is to ensure that a guest visiting Lentorre is taken care of from the start of their experience which is when they get in touch with us, to the end of their first experience which is when we know they have arrived home or at their next destination. In time we will be adding details of all the incredible individuals you see below, until then we encourage you to visit us and get to know them!


Kush, manager

Leonard, manager

Saitaga, laundry

Kamanka, laundry

Kasale, spotter

Mzee Kura, grounds

Dan, barman & waiter

Ben, barman, waiter & grounds

Tinayo, barman & waiter

Abel, chef

James, carpenter & maintenance

Chris, electrician & mechanic

Joel, chef

Jackson, reception