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Lentorre has partnered with SORALO, Lale'enok Research Centre and Rebuilding the Pride, all of which are local organisations, with the aim of improving the environment and use of resources for the benefit of both the local communities and wildlife.

The South Rift Land Owners Association (SORALO) is a community based and community driven initiative. Their primary role is to bring the South Rift’s land owners together for effective management of resources in order to directly improve the livelihoods of the communities. They aim create links and assist in resource mobilisation for the development of the South Rift Valley region, all while taking into consideration the key threats and challenges in the area.

SORALO has an ambitious plan to setup a series of conservation areas linking Amboseli National Park with the Maasai Mara Reserve to allow for the free migration of wildlife. Lentorre and the conservation area are key to this greater plan; studies by the Africa Centre for Conservation have shown that elephants continue to migrate between Amboseli and the Mara - their traditional migration route up the Nguruman escarpment and into the Maasai Mara running directly adjacent to Lentorre.

Lale'enok Research Centre
Lale'enok Research Centre is owned by the women of Olkiramatian. The Centre provides a natural resource and research centre for information collection, storage and dissemination. The Centre provides the Olkiramatian community with a forum to engage with partners (scientists and practitioners) on knowledge creation, dissemination and application.

Rebuilding the Pride
Rebuilding the Pride operates out of the Lale Enok Research Centre and is seeking to understand the dynamics between the predator population and the Maasai community so as to ensure the predators long term survival and minimise potential human wildlife conflict.